Will Johnson

Program Data Manager, STEAM Teacher

One of my first teaching positions was with CITYterm, an experience-based academic program based out of New York City. To see the effects when the city becomes the classroom — for both students and teachers — is incredible. It’s energizing and inspiring. I’ve worked in a number of wonderful schools since CITYterm, but I always felt a small touch of restlessness in the classroom. The opportunity to merge city and classroom at GCE, in addition to the small but dedicated community at the school, represents the perfect professional environment for me.

I am a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University’s Master’s of Applied Mathematics program, where I used neural networks to predict the outcomes of NBA games. Although a phone call to work for the Chicago Bulls never materialized, I’m always exploring the city with a keen eye for the data produced in our city — and the stories it tells. At home, I live with my partner and my son, and our three cats.

What do you want the future of education to be?
I want the classroom, the four walls of the classroom, to be de-emphasized. Instead, I want to emphasize the people, places, and experiences. I want the actions - the doing, the seeing, the talking to drive the learning.