Stephanie Leite

Director of Curriculum

Stephanie curates GCE’s curriculum, making sure the important lessons from past courses are incorporated into new cycles. Having developed courses at the GCE Lab school since 2012, she is always working to improve the learner-experience, raise the bar beyond standards, and cater the lessons to multiple intelligences. Stephanie has a BA in Art Education from Kalamazoo College and an MA in Conflict Transformation and Development from SIT Graduate Institute. Stephanie has worked for non-profits around the world, including World Culture Open, Peace Child International, Refugee One, Global Youth Action Network, Posse Foundation and Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago. She has lived throughout the US and internationally in Brazil, India, and Ecuador, and infuses the curriculum with both a local context and global essence.

All the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of teaching are heightened at GCE, while the most challenging aspects are reflected upon and worked through together as a team.