Sharon Holmes

Dean of Students, Humanities Teacher

I have been involved in teaching since I was an undergraduate at the University of West Alabama. There, I tutored in the TRIO program—created to increase the college’s retention of first-generation and minority students (of which I was both). Seeing the success of my students gave me a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that convinced me I was meant to be an educator. Not only have I been teaching in Chicago since 2000 on the West and South sides, but I am also a life-long learner—constantly honing and perfecting my skills. One more thing— “Roll, Tide, Roll!”

What was your favorite college class?

My favorite college class was Research Writing. I’m pretty sure I earned a B, but that was a class that taught me how to write. It was my favorite class because of the experience with the professor. She just pushed me and kept pushing me, making sure that I understood. It wasn’t her just saying, well, I told you this and that. She entertained my ideas, and she never said you were wrong. Instead, she guided me and encouraged me to think about things differently.

What is your favorite food or meal?
My favorite meal right now is Huli Huli chicken. It's my favorite because my son cooks it and it's so good. He grills it and makes it with vegetables and rice. He's 11, and he's just starting to grill, so he has a day that he cooks every week, and it’s just really good.