Marcus Duncan

Director of Technology and Communications

Marcus is responsible for understanding the needs, ambitions, and opportunities for technology and communication to improve the way we work and interact with information in the classroom and beyond. His education and experience in visual design and strategy are fundamental to his understanding of the convergence of technology and communication. He has been on the ground floor of three businesses: Axleblack Design (founder), Ventricle Development (co-founder), and Global Learning Models, each of which focused on the strategic software and marketing tools that lead to successful, healthy, effective, and efficient organizations.

What was your favorite college class?

The Cultural History of French Impressionism. I was expecting another art history class in a dark room struggling to stay awake and staring at side-by-side slides. It was anything but. Of course, the famous paintings and painters of the Impressionism movement we’ve been exposed to since elementary school were part of the story, but seeing how music, writing, politics, and war weave together and manifest culture was both fun and fascinating.

What are your hobbies?

It’s hard not to walk by a basketball hoop and throw something at it. I also build model airplanes and like figuring out ways to make my bike commute as long as possible to steal a few minutes riding when I can.

I really believe education must be equitable, accessible, and practical. Most importantly, GCE shows us why people matter. Being able to live with, work with, and learn from people with experiences different from our own will be the foundation our future is built on.