Kim Campos

Office Manager

I graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a minor in Cultural Anthropology, and then earned a Master’s Degree in Social Science from DePaul University. I was born and raised in Chicago; and come from a large family. Fortunate to live in a diverse community while growing up, I assumed everyone experienced a similar childhood. However, I soon learned this was not the case. With that in mind, I put on my “walking shoes” to absorb and experience people, culture, religion, and food from Native American Nations in North Dakota and Arizona, and then went off to Istanbul, Rome, Florence, Berlin, Barcelona, Panama, and Mexico. At GCE Lab School, I can help apply what I’ve learned on my travels to cultivate young minds with positive options for themselves and their communities.

GCE nurtured the ”Ethical” portion of my being, by responding to an internal question: what & how can I contribute to others in a meaningful manner? I was very fortunate to be given a fabulous pallet. GCE is a miniature version of the U.N. I am able to share, mold, and cultivate young minds with positive options about themselves & the world. This is the beauty of GCE: it offers that opportunity to discuss how we rely upon one another to co-exist harmoniously, without stating that we all must agree to think or look alike. Instead, we are exposed to a variety of constructive dialogues, with an underlying rule that says we must respect one another’s differences.