Kiley Bryant

Director of Student Support Services, School Counselor

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI, and a Master of Science in Counseling from National Louis University in Chicago, I worked in college admissions, for a university in Florida, recruiting students from the Chicagoland area. Since then, I’ve refined my focus on teaching and school counseling, working in school districts in the Chicago area and in Central Illinois. At GCE, I appreciate the opportunity to impact students in positive ways—through encouragement, self-reflection, and engagement. GCE’s integrative learning opportunities, mission, and vision are what attracted me to my current position. I am truly inspired to work alongside such purposeful and passionate teachers.

What was your favorite college class? 

The Religion of Love. It was fascinating to learn about love within faith-based contexts. It was taught by a nun, who happened to be my absolute favorite professor, who made learning exciting and personal.

What’s a rule in your house?

Sundays are for family, food, and football!

What do you want the future of education to look like?
As we look towards the future, I see education evolving for both the teacher and student with more and more opportunities to learn by doing. I believe education should inspire and elicit inquiry from the learner. With this in mind, I see the educational experience as we know it transforming to incorporate more and more opportunities for students to learn through interactive exploration.