Adam Cohen-Leadholm

Civic Engagement Director, FE Coordinator, STEAM Teacher

Growing up in Boston, I attended Boston Latin School, which was literally created before “US History” was even a thing. (It opened its doors in 1635!) I got a lot out of my high school education, but so much of it was focused on testing and tradition that it was a breath of fresh air to hear about GCE’s purpose-driven curriculum, Field Experiences and Student Projects. I think my background has really helped me appreciate what GCE offers, both to students and teachers. Everyone here wants to learn, try new things, and push themselves out of their comfort zones. I’m truly thankful to be a part of such a unique organization.

What is one of your favorite classroom experiences as a teacher?
One of my first Field Experiences was in Design and Engineering with the Home Depot. We were learning about physics and gardening tools and reached out to the Home Depot to bring the students in to look at the different tools. When we arrived their entire gardening department was there and they really rolled out the red carpet for us. They told us about all the tools, answered questions, and then they took us out into the yard and they had all these tools ready to test. They had soil and plants all set up for us to try it out for ourselves. I was so blown away. We hadn’t talked about any of this beforehand. They went above and beyond to help our students understand what education can be and how valuable hands-on learning is.

What are some of your other hobbies?

Music has always been a big part of my life. So, playing in a band, listening to music, but also writing and recording music are big hobbies. I have a dog who I love dearly, so I take him on walks and to dog parks a lot. It’s great to see him running around with all the other dogs.