Aaron Moring-D’Angier

Curriculum and Instructional Specialist, STEAM Teacher

After over a dozen years teaching every level, from elementary up to college math, I settled into the great blended world of STEAM and paired up with GCE Lab School. I find that I am most drawn to the physical handiwork, so I can often be found teaching woodshop or doing some other sort of project around the building, in addition to STEAM courses.

What did you bring from your hometown to Chicago?

I feel like there’s an element of, you probably call it DIY, but just like making do with what you have and making things work that is ingrained in the culture in a specific way where I grew up. Bringing that here, where we’re in the city and there’s access to everything, but sometimes that access is limited by resources or proximity or time, and I think that that outlook of let’s make things work with what we have has served me well in the city. There is a certain element of scavenging that comes up.

What’s your favorite Unit to teach?

It’s always whichever one I’m teaching at the moment, but the Public Health unit of Disease is near and dear to my heart. I’ve been working with the CDC, and getting a chance to see, on the front lines, what they are doing has demystified a lot of it for me and has brought it to life in my own life. I’m really excited to share that in the classroom.