GCE intentionally cultivates a socioeconomic and racially diverse community where every voice matters. We know that students working cooperatively alongside those whose perspectives and backgrounds are different than their own promotes creativity, motivation, critical thinking, problem-solving, and deeper learning.

Who Attends GCE?

You are inquisitive and curious. You have something important to say and you want to share it with the world. You see yourself thriving in a truly inspiring, collaborative learning environment—one that delivers hands-on educational opportunities, exciting field experiences and true diversity.


African American


White or Non-Hispanic




Multi-Cultural or Other

neighborhood map

The GCE Lab School community is truly reflective of the community in which we live. With 80% of our students receiving tuition assistance, we unite students and communities all across Chicago.

Archer Heights




Garfield Ridge


Hickory Hills

Highland Park

Hyde Park



Lake Forest


Lincoln Park

Little Village

Logan Square


Morgan Park

North Kenwood

North Lawndale

North Park

Oak Park

Old Town

Park Ridge

Portage Park

Prarie Shores

Rogers Park

South Chicago

South Loop



Wicker Park


Why Students Choose GCE

As one of the most diverse independent schools in Chicago, our students represent the diversity of Chicago. Each student is recognized for their unique history, perspective, and identity. Our aim is to cultivate young leaders and change agents. Small, diverse classrooms wherein students feel comfortable developing their voices, taking intellectual risks, and challenging their own previously held opinions occasion the practice of respect, empathy, and cultural awareness, and prepare our students to contribute effectively in heterogeneous environments, local and global.

What Our Students are Doing

At the conclusion of every course, students demonstrate mastery and understanding through final projects. These projects are compiled into a digital portfolio that provides students with a showcase of their high school work that can be shared with colleges and employers.

Extracurricular Activities

GCE students are engaged in a variety of extra-curriculars outside the classroom. Teachers are eager to support and sponsor clubs initiated by students.

Anime Club

Art Club

Athletic Clubs

Baking Club

Builders Club

Chess Club

Cooking Club

Game Club

Garden Club

Music Makers

Outdoor Club

Poetry Club

Running Club

Student Ambassadors

Student Council

Volleyball Club

Where Our Graduates are Going

Since our first graduating class in 2010, our students have been attending college, starting careers, impacting their communities.


of our graduates are accepted to college.


earn merit-based scholarships for college.

Allegheny College Alfred University Drake University Dominican University DePauw University DePaul University Denison Dean College Cornell College Columbia College Colorado State University Butler University Bradley University Beloit College Beacon College Bard College Baldwin Wallace Babson College Antioch College College of Charleston Illinois State University Illinois College Indiana University Iowa State University Florence University of of the Arts (Italy) Iowa Wesleyan Juniata College Kalamazoo College Keiser University Knox College Hawaii Pacific University Harold Washington George Williams College Florida Institute of Technology Ferris State University Eureka College Elmhurst College Eastern Michigan University Earlham College Hofstra University Lawerence University Miami of Ohio Menlo College Marymount Manhattan College Marymount California University Marquette University Lynn University Luther College Loyola University Lourdes University

Portrait of a GCE Graduate

At GCE, students develop skills and competencies to become:

Real-World Educated
Professionally Prepared
Culturally Competent
Independently Motivated
Consciously Innovative
Global Citizens

portrait of a gradyate
real-world educated
real-world-educated gif

Real-World Educated

GCE graduates grasp the opportunities that exist in our world through their study of integrated, thematic courses that are grounded in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through weekly field experiences, they challenge their assumptions about the world around them and develop their ability to apply academic skills in real-world settings.

Professionally Prepared

GCE graduates are proficient in the core competencies demanded by our changing workforce – the ability to think critically, communicate clearly, work collaboratively, and solve complex problems. In addition to the traditional measures of academic success, they are fluent in financial, digital, and interpersonal literacy.

student collaboration

Culturally Competent

GCE graduates demonstrate ethical judgement and integrity when interacting with others from across a diverse range of backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives. They exercise empathy and awareness as they adapt and respond to changing environments and cultures.

Independently Motivated

GCE graduates engage in a personalized curriculum that encourages them to explore their varied interests and develop a sense of purpose and direction for their continued learning. They understand how to set goals, take risks, and motivate themselves to achieve mastery.

independently motivated students
student agency
consciously innovative
student innovation

Consciously Innovative

GCE graduates are leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, civic activists, artists, and humanists who are compelled to make a difference. Through their project-based learning experience, they translate problems into opportunities and employ design thinking to create solutions that improve the world around them.

Global Citizens

GCE graduates have an understanding and awareness of the wider world and how it works, a sense of their own role as a world citizen, and are willing to act to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place.

global citizen
student citizenship

Alumni Stories