Father Bill Corcoran

From the Pulpit to the People: Standing Up for Your Community—with Father Bill Corcoran

By GCE Lab School / February 17, 2021

Father Bill Corcoran stepped up to the virtual Soapbox to speak out on speaking up. He shared with us reactions to his decision to speak out against former President Trump…

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cortney lederer

How Art is Getting Us Through the Pandemic—with Cortney Lederer

By GCE Lab School / February 11, 2021

Can you imagine enduring the pandemic without music, without film, without art? This week, curator and educator Cortney Lederer challenged us to think about how art is essential and how…

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Tiffany Harper

Implicit Bias—with Tiffany Harper

By GCE Lab School / January 26, 2021

A corporate lawyer by day and nonprofit founder by night, Tiffany brought great energy to the virtual Soapbox. As the granddaughter of a cotton picker who graduated from an Ivy…

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michael dolan soapbox

Social Impact Entertainment—with Michael Dolan

By GCE Lab School / January 19, 2021

On Tuesday, January 16, we welcomed award-winning producer and creative development director Michael Dolan to the virtual Soapbox. Michael joined us to talk about “Social Impact Entertainment” and how young…

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Women & Work—with Suzanne Muchin

By GCE Lab School / January 14, 2021

Suzanne brought with her a meaty list of accomplishments and experiences to the Soapbox. Speaking out on workplace equality, her pointy point of view posited that: The Future of Work…

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ben railton soapbox

The Patriotism We Need—with Benjamin Railton

By GCE Lab School / January 8, 2021

Just a day after the assault on our capitol, we welcomed to our first Soapbox of 2021 professor and author Benjamin Railton. Benjamin has written extensively about the identity of America, Americans,…

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Ryan Teague Beckwith

Political Reporting in the Age of Technology and Social Media—with Ryan Teague Beckwith

By GCE Lab School / October 30, 2020

Seasoned journalist Ryan Teague Beckwith stepped up to the Soapbox just a week before the presidential election. With experience writing for Time, Bloomberg News, and the Washington Examiner, he shared…

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vincent lauria

Taking Risk and Investing in Yourself—with Vinnie Lauria

By GCE Lab School / October 23, 2020

Stepping up to the virtual Soapbox all the way from Australia, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Vinnie Lauria, reminded students “you can do whatever you put your mind to,” and…

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Jackie Kaplan-Perkins Soapbox

Sex and Gender — with Jackie Kaplan-Perkins

By GCE Lab School / July 10, 2020

Jackie Kaplan-Perkins joined GCE student Mena and GCE alumnus Maeve on the virtual Soapbox to share their experiences, ambitions, and views on sex and gender across generations. I keep thinking…

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