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High School Open House for Grades 9-12

Join us for a high school open house like no other.

Saturday, March 18th, 2023 at 11:00 am

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The traditional approach to education, with heavy emphasis on standardized tests and siloed subjects, does not prepare students for our changing world. At GCE, students experience their education.

to learn through thematic, integrated courses

for success in college or career as global citizens

to communities through weekly field experiences

What’s happening now. Reflections, News, and Announcements

Spirit? We’ve Got It!

It was Spirit Week and boy, did we bring it this year! Members of student council hosted a spectacular week of fun starting with Cohort Color Monday, then Twin Tuesday,…

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Analyzing Water at Plant Chicago

First-year students in the Water class embarked on a Field Experience to Plant Chicago to meet with Education Manager, Rock Evans. In the first unit, students collected water from the…

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Discussing Gender in Andersonville

First-year students in the SDGs & You class are investigating the guiding question, “What does an equal world look like?” by examining issues of gender inequality. In this unit, they…

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Exploring Evolution at Lincoln Park Zoo

Sophomores in the Population class investigated what “unites” and “differentiates” different populations through discussions of species classification, morphology, evolution, phylogenetic trees, etc. To bring their learning to life, they visited…

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Carrying Water at The Chicago River

First-year stuents in the Water class visited the Chicago River to collect water. In the first unit of this STEAM course, students have been pursuing the guiding question, why is…

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Physics in the Garden at Home Depot

Juniors in the Design & Engineering class talked to experts from the gardening department at Home Depot to investigate the physics of gardening tools. In the first unit of this…

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