GCE Lab School’s industry-leading model places students at the center of a collaborative learning environment. Students are supported by personal coaching from seasoned educators and a vibrant community of peers, families, and partners. Throughout their high school career, GCE students participate in more than 200 field experiences, guest workshops, case studies, and apprenticeships. GCE’s City2Classroom concept serves as a natural extension of coursework and provides networking opportunities far exceeding those offered by traditional schools.

The result is a generation of passionate citizens who embrace the challenges that we face, understand their own unique strengths and limits, and endure the process that comes with the courage to take action.

GCE Philosophy

The traditional approach to education—with its heavy emphasis on standardized tests and siloed subjects—has failed to adapt to a changing world. Recent studies from leading education institutions such as the University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, and MIT have demonstrated the positive impact of models that emphasize engagement and self-directed learning over traditional curriculum and testing. GCE’s model combines essential instruction in STEM and Humanities with experiential learning and individualized coaching; Arts are embedded in every course.

Three factors distinguish our philosophy

Group of students

Content x Context

At GCE, a subject is never just numbers or words on a page. We offer a broader context for every subject so that students grasp its relevance and practical value. Students learn how to ask guiding questions and pursue them through hundreds of field experiences, case studies, and guest workshops.

Redefining Achievement

GCE cultivates students who appreciate and demonstrate AAPGA — autonomy, accountability, purpose, gratitude, and through each of these our students present myriad examples of achievement (in forms that extend beyond test scores). GCE’s Online Installations of student work (digital portfolios) open doors to universities, careers, and international study and service.

21st Century Literacy

Paradigms have shifted, and adequate preparation for our children requires reinventing education. Our students need to be critically literate, but they also need to be financially, digitally, and interpersonally literate in order to thrive in tomorrow’s world. GCE’s curriculum is 100 percent digitally accessible—our students are able to learn everywhere, and they do!

A Pathway to Achievement

GCE Curriculum addresses academic and personal development in a holistic manner. Students focus on what we consider to be the four principal values of global citizenship that form the durable foundation for achievement (GPA3).

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We believe learning is a process
of risks, setbacks, responding to challenges, and growth. Students learn to set goals, track progress,
and use advanced online and in-person executive functioning tools. A support system of instructors, peers, partners, and families assists students in developing a heightened sense of honesty, self-awareness, responsibility to others, and desire to try new things without a debilitating fear of failure.


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Students experience “aha” moments. Learning shifts from being a chore to a natural extension of their interests. We call this progression “inspired learning.” School becomes meaningful when students are motivated—when they make a conscious decision to follow where their curiosities lead. Motivation extends from inspiring field experiences and into the blocking and tackling of daily work. Mastery is revealed through Action Projects, archived as digital installations of individual and communal learning.


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Students embrace self-advocacy, reflection, communication, and calculated risk taking. Students who take an active role in their education—seeking out new experiences and diving deeper into their courses—are better able to internalize the structure and skills that serve them well in their academic, professional, and personal passions. By junior year, students actively pursue post-grad opportunities and participate in apprenticeships.


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A GCE education cultivates global citizens, and throughout their education students reflect on what they have accomplished. They embrace a greater appreciation for both their global community and the local one that has supported their step-by-step growth. The concept of gratitude encompasses hard work, humility, and conflict resolution—all critical attributes for high-functioning individuals as they transition into subsequent stages of education, professional careers, and personal relationships.


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AAPGA challenges students and families to rethink achievement. For global citizens, achievement is a by-product of gratitude, purpose, autonomy, and accountability. It flows organically from the manifestation of these principles. Students know how to learn, enjoy learning, and engage their peers, families, and communities in their paths of inquiry and demonstrations of mastery. As students develop this deeper level of achievement, they also succeed along more traditional measures: high scores on ACT/SAT tests, college enrollment, internship placement, and international study and service.

Student Walking


Although these principles coexist, GCE focuses each unique year
on one area that most profoundly reflects student needs and adolescent development.



GCE aims to make the school experience your experience, to align your passion for life with your passion for learning. By augmenting classroom lessons with practical exposures, GCE’s visionary model provides customized support for students to take ownership of their education and life path. Students enjoy independence, peer collaboration, individual coaching, and community socialization, all of which directly support the transition from high school to adult life.


We understand that your child comes first. That’s why GCE champions a personalized, global citizenship curriculum aimed at helping your child build the academic, professional, and life skills they need to blossom into a productive, ethical, and responsible adult. Through 1-on-1 direction and targeted skill building, your child will develop the tools to achieve challenging and competitive goals, such as thriving in college, pursuing a fulfilling career, and enjoying profound interpersonal relationships.


GCE Lab School imbues students with a global perspective that enables them to pursue their passions everywhere they go in the world. Our students are immersed in an education that is mobile and transferable. By building a worldwide network of engaged citizens, we seek to open doors of opportunity for our students and support the development of individuals who are globally aware and collaborate beyond their comfort zone. Our graduates are well equipped to become leaders in their community, assume economic responsibility, and steward environmental sustainability.