Become a Field Experience Partner

Our Approach Field Experiences Become a Field Experience Partner

Learn more about how you and your company can help us to deliver a distinctively compelling, grounded, forward-looking academic experience. We’re excited to invite you to be a part of a growing network of individuals and institutions who are helping us reimagine the classroom, introducing our students to new avenues of thought and action, bringing to life the inert material of high school education.

Become a Classroom Partner

The most essential part of our FE program is the relationships you and your company can cultivate with our students. Make a presentation to a class, host students in your space, help us facilitate an action project to cap off a unit. Make yourself available to mentor a student one-on-one, participate in a lunchtime discussion about your industry, provide career counsel, sponsor an internship. We are excited to work with you and introduce our students to meaningful real-world experiences and opportunities.

Become a Curriculum Partner

Our curriculum is thematic and focused on the world’s most pressing problems. With classes like Rocket ScienceBiomimicryGlobal Peace, and Urban Planning, we’re preparing our students to become true global citizens. You can support the development of distinctive curricular engagements by working with us to design courses, train faculty, and provide resources for compelling student projects.

Become a Scholarship Partner

Our students make up one of the most diverse school populations in Illinois, and we’re proud of the heterogeneity of our classrooms. To accomplish this diverse environment, we support our families with generous financial aid and scholarships. With your help, we can establish additional scholarships and make this world-class education attainable for students all over Chicago.

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