An accredited, online high school
for tomorrow’s global citizens.

GCE Lab School Online Prep aims to make the school experience your experience, to align your passion for life with your passion for learning. GCE Online Prep’s visionary model provides customized support for students to take ownership of their education and life path. Students enjoy independence, peer collaboration, individual coaching, and community socialization, all of which directly support the transition from high school to adult life.

Integrating traditional subject disciplines in globally and locally relevant thematic courses, GCE Online Prep offers the world’s most inspiring and comprehensively aligned accredited high school curriculum.

1-on-1 Direction.
Targeted Skill Building.

GCE Online Prep champions a personalized, global citizenship curriculum aimed at helping your child build the academic, professional, and life skills they need to blossom into a productive, ethical, and responsible adult. Through 1-on-1 direction and targeted skill building, your child will develop the tools to achieve challenging and competitive goals, such as thriving in college, pursuing a fulfilling career, and enjoying profound interpersonal relationships.

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Global Citizens
GCE Online Prep imbues students with a global perspective that enables them to pursue their passions everywhere they go in the world. Our students are immersed in an education that is mobile and transferable. By building a worldwide network of engaged citizens, we seek to open doors of opportunity for our students and support the development of individuals who are globally aware and collaborate beyond their comfort zone. Our graduates are well equipped to become leaders in their community, assume economic responsibility, and a steward for environmental sustainability.
GCE Online Prep cultivates students who appreciate and demonstrate autonomy, accountability, purpose and gratitude. Through each of these our students present myriad examples of achievement (in forms that extend beyond test scores). Our Online Installations of student work (digital portfolios) open doors to Universities, careers, and international study and service.

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