For the first Action Project in the You Are Beautiful Arts Elective, GCE students investigated the following guiding question:

How do you reclaim public space through art? 

Here’s the scenario students were challenged with:

As vacant lots and abandoned storefronts continue to pop up around the city, the Mayor is inviting all its citizens to bring these spaces back to life. Everyone in the city has been invited to plan, construct, and install a piece of artwork that 1. conveys a positive message, 2. includes sentiments of the people in the neighborhood, and 3. physically occupies an abandoned or unused public space. The Mayor wants to create a critical uprising of artworks and expects these pieces to go up on the same day at exactly the same time all over the city. Grab your team of artists and join in on this critical mass of beauty!!

Please find below the online installation we created, featuring the the artwork created by each student. Click on some of the letters that form the phrase You Are Beautiful to read the artist statements.


SM | JH | MML | RS | HP | MY | JV | NC | ZP | Image Map

Project Alignment with ISBE Fine Arts Learning Standards

27A.4 Analyze how various arts are used to persuade and promote ideas (e.g., political conventions, campaigns, advertising).
27B.2 Analyze how the works of a particular artist (e.g., playwright, composer, computer artist, choreographer) shape or reflect a given time period or event.
27B.3 Describe the influences of at least two artists (dance, drama, music or visual art) on their times.

You Are Beautiful

Why is it important for art to be accessible? How does public art spark human interaction? How does art go viral? Students will examine the history of public art and its ability to transform spaces and connect people on a worldwide scale in the You Are …

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