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Visual Storytelling at the Poetry Foundation

By Hiu To / September 5, 2022

Sophomores in the Stories class found sanctuary from the bustling city at the Poetry Foundation. In this course, students examine how we can shape stories through language, perspective, and different…

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Welcome Home!

By Hiu To / September 5, 2022

We had an incredible first week of school. This year, we welcome five new members to our team and over thirty new students to our community! We spent the week…

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Summer Classes at GCE

By GCE Lab School / June 6, 2022

The end of the school year is almost here and we’re warming up for our Summer Program! We’re excited to be offering four engaging, project-based courses this summer. Seating is…

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GCE Students develop their projects

Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Empathy: The Value of Project-Based Learning

By Sarah Brock / March 30, 2022

STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—are often viewed as the most important components of a young person’s education. Students are almost exclusively encouraged to pursue STEM fields (medicine, engineering, actuary, research,…

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High School financial aid

Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Applications Open Tonight

By Sarah Brock / January 12, 2022

GCE Lab School has partnered with Empower Illinois to participate in the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship program. The Illinois Tax Credit Scholarships are renewable awards of up to $13,000.00 for eligible families. The 2022-2023…

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high school students finding their fit at GCE Lab School

In high school, fitting in means finding your best fit

By Sarah Brock / November 8, 2021

With so many high school options, how can you determine which is the best fit for your student? There are so many components that go into choosing a high school in Chicago. The amount of choice can be intimidating and the nuances of the application processes can be overwhelming, but finding your best fit is no secret.

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Investigating Sustainable Ecosystems at Big Marsh

By Hiu To / November 8, 2021

First-year students in the SDGs & You class and the Water class embarked on a cross-curicular Field Experience. The students spent a beautiful fall day biking around Big Marsh to…

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Spirit? We’ve Got It!

By Hiu To / October 31, 2021

It was Spirit Week and boy, did we bring it this year! Members of student council hosted a spectacular week of fun starting with Cohort Color Monday, then Twin Tuesday,…

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Analyzing Water at Plant Chicago

By Hiu To / October 16, 2021

First-year students in the Water class embarked on a Field Experience to Plant Chicago to meet with Education Manager, Rock Evans. In the first unit, students collected water from the…

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Discussing Gender in Andersonville

By Hiu To / October 16, 2021

First-year students in the SDGs & You class are investigating the guiding question, “What does an equal world look like?” by examining issues of gender inequality. In this unit, they…

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Exploring Evolution at Lincoln Park Zoo

By Hasnain Khundmiri / October 11, 2021

Sophomores in the Population class investigated what “unites” and “differentiates” different populations through discussions of species classification, morphology, evolution, phylogenetic trees, etc. To bring their learning to life, they visited…

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Carrying Water at The Chicago River

By Will Johnson / October 5, 2021

First-year stuents in the Water class visited the Chicago River to collect water. In the first unit of this STEAM course, students have been pursuing the guiding question, why is…

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Physics in the Garden at Home Depot

By Adam Cohen-Leadholm / September 28, 2021

Juniors in the Design & Engineering class talked to experts from the gardening department at Home Depot to investigate the physics of gardening tools. In the first unit of this…

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Assessing Human Needs at Lincoln Park Community Services

By Hiu To / September 16, 2021

Unit I of SDGs & You is entitled Access, and it asks students to investigate the first, second, and fourth Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty, No Hunger, and Quality Education (respectively).…

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Exploring the Chicago River with Urban Rivers

By Hiu To / September 11, 2021

First-year students embarked on their first off-campus Field Experience of their GCE career, and it was definitely one for the books. The students are investigating the guiding question, “How is…

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transitioning to high school

Communication, community, and care relieves the stress of high school transitions at GCE

By Sarah Brock / May 28, 2021

The transition from middle school to high school can be stressful for students and their families.   If you start to feel overwhelmed about heading off to high school, please remember…

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GCE and Northwestern

Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development offering GCE’s ReDesigning the Future in Summer Program

By GCE Lab School / May 19, 2021

Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development is offering GCE’s ReDesigning the Future class as part of its Spectrum Online Summer Program for 6th–8th-grade students. The three-week, 1-credit course challenges students…

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GCE Ping Tom Park

GCE is Pitching in for the Parks on Chicago’s South Side

By GCE Lab School / May 11, 2021

We’re excited to announce GCE is participating in the Chicago Parks Foundation’s Pitch In for the Parks program, a citywide volunteer park clean-up effort taking place from June through October!…

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Students are not standardized

Test-optional policies improve equity in admissions leading to more diverse campuses

By Sarah Brock / May 11, 2021

Colleges and universities have proven the ability to evaluate applicants with or without standardized test scores, the high school admissions process, especially in Chicago, continues to focus on testing. It’s time to do better.

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Stop Ranking My Teenager: Great Students are Overlooked in CPS High School Enrollment Decisions

By Sarah Brock / May 1, 2021

A holistic approach to admission processes is not a new idea. Simply put, a holistic admission review aims to “see” the whole applicant, not just their test scores or GPA.…

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