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Student and Family Health Guide

By GCE Lab School / April 10, 2020

Please refer to this guide for staying healthy and how to communicate issues concerning health with GCE Lab School. Open Student and Family Health Guide

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Earning Civic Engagement Credits during Connected Learning

By GCE Lab School / April 10, 2020

Please refer to this guide for earning and submitting Civic Engagement credits for the spring term. Open Civic Engagement Credits Guide

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Earning Health & Wellness Credits during Connected Learning

By GCE Lab School / April 10, 2020

Please refer to this guide for earning and submitting Health & Wellness credits for the spring term. Open Health & Wellness Credits Guide

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Chicago Morning

Morning Message: April 3, 2020

By Cabell King / April 3, 2020

The sudden shift to Online Connected Learning requires every school to look again at the curriculum. We are reminded that we can’t teach it all. I have read countless pieces…

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Education Will Endure: Our First Student Presentations in the Days of Distance Learning

By GCE Lab School / March 27, 2020
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Shortly after we closed our campus for COVID-19, our learning community came together to design an online version of Final Presentations, where ordinarily, students demonstrate what they’ve learned. It was…

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Final Presentations Thumbnail

Winter Term Final Presentations now Online

By GCE Lab School / March 25, 2020

If you missed our first-ever totally virtual Final Presentations live, it’s now available to watch the recordings. Check out how our amazing students embraced a new experience and explore ideas…

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COVID-19: On the Eve of Remote Learning

By Cabell King / March 15, 2020

Dear GCE Community, Routinely, we call the GCE community a family. Isolated now in our respective homes, navigating this unfamiliar landscape, we remain invested in the wellbeing of our students and…

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Getting Physical and Philosophical with Jason Bender

By Brent Mix / March 13, 2020

Students in Who Am I? journeyed up to Andersonville’s Cheetah Gym to take an introductory jiu-jitsu class with Jason Bender of Bender Fitness. While the study of martial arts might seem miles…

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Philosophizing in the Modern World at New Acropolis

By Brent Mix / February 15, 2020

At GCE, our mission of connecting our studies to real-world situations and activities with a global focus finds quite a bit of overlap with New Acropolis, who define their work…

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Muraling Moody’s

By Hiu To / January 5, 2020

Students in the Drawing Lines course took a deep dive into public art during our three-week Civic term. Students in this course were challenged to define the seemingly simple term,…

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Spaces as Public Art at Design Museum of Chicago

By Hiu To / December 12, 2019

Students in Drawing Lines have been investigating the concept of placemaking specifically through art. So far in their investigation, they’ve looked at how public artworks may create places where people…

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Musing over Murals with Pilsen Public Art Tours

By Hiu To / December 10, 2019

The students in the Drawing Lines course have been examining the power of public art in educating and uniting a community. As a part of their investigation, they studied the…

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We’re In This Together

By Hiu To / December 1, 2019

GCE students can’t help but impress during Final Presentations. Students are challenged to share and demonstrate their learning from the term at each Final Presentation. With just a couple of…

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gce steam class

Bike Prototyping

By Hiu To / November 15, 2019

After weeks of learning from different experts in the field, the Juniors were ready to build the prototype of their original bike designs. Each group of students was given a…

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Rapid Prototyping with The James Dyson Foundation

By Adam Cohen-Leadholm / November 7, 2019

Students in Design & Engineering received a visit from a team of designers and engineers from the James Dyson Foundation. We have a longstanding partnership with the Dyson Foundation, and…

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Cooking to Impress

By Hiu To / November 7, 2019

Our students knocked out another month of delicious meals for community lunch. Hiu’s advisory experimented with Asian flavors and delivered dishes with spice, acidity, and umami. They served up bahn…

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Fresh with a pH

By Hiu To / November 7, 2019

The Freshmen in the Water class are studying the water cycle. In the process, students learned that infiltration is an important part of the cycle because as the water passes…

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Envisioning the Future of Bicycles at Earth Rider

By Adam Cohen-Leadholm / November 7, 2019

Juniors in Design & Engineering visited Earth Rider, a full-service, woman-owned bike shop to learn from store-owner and bike expert, Sharon. Sharon is a League Cycling Instructor and a certified…

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WorldChicago Youth Ambassadors

By Hiu To / November 3, 2019

WorldChicago Youth Ambassadors from France, Martinique, and Guadeloupe spent the day with us to experience learning like GCE students. WorldChicago facilitates collaboration between people from all over the world to advance…

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Working with Bikes at Working Bikes

By Adam Cohen-Leadholm / November 3, 2019

Juniors in Design & Engineering met with Anna, the volunteer coordinator at Working Bikes in Pilsen to learn about the anatomy and the mechanics of bikes. In the second unit…

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ACT (recommended for all juniors)

April 17, 2021 @ 12:00 am CDT

Orthodox Good Friday

April 30, 2021 @ 12:00 am CDT

Orthodox Easter

May 2, 2021 @ 12:00 am CDT

Deadline to register for 6/5 SAT

May 6, 2021 @ 12:00 am CDT

Deadline to register for 6/12 ACT

May 7, 2021 @ 12:00 am CDT


May 8, 2021 @ 12:00 am CDT


May 10, 2021 @ 12:00 am CDT

Eid al-Fitr begins at sundown

May 12, 2021 @ 12:00 am CDT
Arne Duncan speaks about education and gun violence in Chicago

Education and Rewriting the Story of Gun Violence in Chicago—with Arne Duncan

May 13, 2021 @ 2:20 am - 3:00 pm CDT
9 West Washington
Chicago, IL 60602 United States

Memorial Day

May 31, 2021 @ 12:00 am CDT