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Spring Term Final Presentations

June 10, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CDT

Before we celebrate the Class of 2020, we’re excited to invite our community to Spring Term Final Presentations. Together, we will witness Snapshots of Joy from an incredible group of students concluding a truly unforgettable school year.

Spring Term Final Presentations will be online and accessible to our community. Visit our online event program for presentation times and links to the Google Meet video conferences.

Access the event here

About the Event

We are inspired by Don Flesch, third-generation owner of Central Camera—an iconic film and camera store located on Wabash Ave—who responded to the loss of his family’s store in the unrest on May 30th with levity and compassion. In an interview with CBS 2 Chicago, Flesch remarked that he was most angry about the death of George Floyd in police custody.

“It’s what’s going on, it’s reality so you deal with it. It’s that simple,” Flesch said.

In December, GCE partnered with an organization called Finding One’s Voice to participate in their “Snapshots of Joy” program. Students were provided with disposable cameras and asked to photograph “joy” however they saw it. It was meant to let students feel the photographic process in a more concrete way than what you get using a digital camera. Not knowing how your picture will turn out leads to anticipation, disappointment, and new discoveries. 

Along with over a hundred years of history, memories, film, and cameras, all of GCE’s “Snapshots of Joy” enlargements were lost in the fire when protests escalated and Central Camera was destroyed.

As we conclude the school year, students will honor the spirit of Don Flesch and “Snapshots of Joy” by composing, assembling, and sharing new snapshots that reflect their experiences and perception of our world in the past ten weeks.

Join us and see this rapidly changing world through their lens.