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In Chicago, our public schools are in crisis and the gap in education opportunities for low-income students is widening. GCE’s Scholarship Fund is a direct way for you to change this inequity.

The GCE Scholarship Fund helps ensures that 50% of our students receive need-based scholarships to attend GCE. This is significantly greater than other private schools who fund at 15-20%. The differences are significant. Learning for everyone is amplified in a diverse community of students, cultures, and ideas. Each student finds their voice and, collectively, they unite our communities. GCE Lab School cultivates global citizens.

  • I would like to thank everyone at the school for being such a large part of my son’s instantaneous leap in self confidence and self esteem while being a student at GCE Lab School. NEVER EVER has my son EVER said to me with conviction, “I now know that I can do anything.”
    —GCE Parent

  • I’m thankful to finally be in a place where I’m allowed to be independent and an individual, where I can have a voice…GCE is a place of possibilities. This is a place where I can succeed, where I can thrive, and I want to make sure that happens. I want to go beyond what you guys simply ask of me, what is simply required, because I know I am capable of this.
    —GCE Student

  • Often, in schools where you’re one of forty per class, you become lost, and swept under the rug. Here at GCE my teachers work with me to ensure my success. I am given opportunities to study subjects that I’m interested in, and furthermore, find my own reasons for being interested in these subjects. When I walk into the building at GCE, I feel empowered and respected.
    –GCE Student

  • My whole life I have been used to going to traditional schools where we learn no more than to behave correctly and to do all of our homework. You have opened a door of opportunities for me that leads to real learning and to living experiences that connect me with society and their needs, and I am beyond thankful for this.
    —GCE Student

Our high school is representative of Chicago’s diverse communities and our results are – across the board – exceptional.



of students college-bound


of graduates received merit-based scholarships to college


of graduates received the coveted POSSE Leadership award, a 4-year, full ride for need-based students to top universities across the country


GCE students participate in over 50 hours of community service projects every school year, strengthening the connection and relevance between school, themselves, and the world

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A GCE scholar costs approximately $50,000 over 4 years of high school, and our average graduate earns over $100,000 in merit-based college scholarships. Donating to the GCE Scholarship Fund produces tangible results that you can see for yourself as the scholar moves through high school and onto college and beyond.

Get to know some of our scholarship recipients by visiting their digital portfolios

The selection process is rigorous and is based on a written application, a family interview, and an in-person student presentation. Prospective scholarship students must demonstrate financial need, academic proficiency, a desire to learn, and a commitment to enhancing the GCE community.

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Through your support of the GCE Scholarship Fund, we can continue to grow the number of students that have access to this quality education. Together, we can have a significant impact on eliminating the opportunity gap and changing lives.

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