Music That Matters

How can music change society?

Music That Matters takes a humanistic approach to the study and production of music, understanding music as a language and languages as attached to peoples, histories, and politics. We will take as our focus the American musical form of blues, tracings its origins, development, and appropriation alongside the vicissitudes of American history.

Course Units

What is the purpose of music?

Where does music happen?

In this external investigation, you will take your knowledge and start applying it to the real world. You will talk to artists about what “music can do”, and explore your neighborhood to find the music that fits it.

What’s something simple you can do that will have a positive impact on your block?

Your goal is to propose some sort of musical installation or event that will benefit your block, community, or neighborhood. This plan will include:

  • Logistics as to where it will be located and why
  • How your idea relates to/fits within that community
  • How your musical choices help that vision
  • The historical and political context of your musical choices
  • An analysis of the musical choices themselves and why that matters
  • How your piece teaches, inspires, and/or ignites the community