Why GCE Lab School?

Recent studies from leading education institutions such as University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, and MIT have demonstrated the positive impact of models that emphasize engagement and self-directed learning over traditional curriculum and testing. GCE’s model combines essential instruction in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) and Humanities with experiential learning and individualized coaching.

How does GCE make this happen?

Placed  at the center of the collaborative learning environment, such as GCE’s, students are supported by personal coaching from seasoned educators and a vibrant community of peers, families, and partners. Throughout their high school career, GCE students participate in more than 150 field experiences, guest workshops, case studies, and apprenticeships. GCE’s City2Classroom™ model serves as a natural extension of coursework and provides networking opportunities far exceeding those offered by 99% of high schools. The result produced by our model  is a generation of passionate citizens who embrace the challenges that we face, understand their own unique strengths and limits, and endure the process that comes with the courage to take action.

GCE Lab School At a Glance

Entrance 9th-12th
Application Applicants submit paper/electronic applications prior to the rolling deadline.
Tuition $23,500
Financial Assistance Need-based tuition is awarded to applicants on a first-come, first served basis.
School Hours 8:50am-3:30pm
After School Extracurricular activities and teacher office hours and teacher office hours
Student Total 50 (at full capacity 120 to be achieved by 2018)
Class Size 8-16
Teacher Ratio From 1:8 to 1:16
Activities Student Council, Music Makers, Talent Show, Cooking Club, Outdoor Club, Anime Club, Poetry/LTAB, Arts and Crafts, Basketball Club, Athletic Clubs
Language Class American Sign Language, Coding, national languages tbd
Special Needs GCE Lab School works to meet the diverse needs of all students. Please contact school for details.
Parent Group Friends of GCE

How do students share their findings?

GCE Voices (our school blog) is a series of “Online Installations” through which we compile student work in interactive ways. Students new to GCE Lab School quickly adapt to demonstrating their discoveries through a range of work products. Throughout each term, students demonstrate mastery through Action Projects. These projects are then creatively displayed through “Online Installations.” We hope you dive into the installations and feel inspired by our motto: “Reinvent Possibility.”