GCE Lab School is a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified school and welcomes all international students interested in learning with a variety of peer groups and professional partners while exploring the city of Chicago.

At GCE, students showcase their learning by building digital portfolios which become their professional passports, opening doors to U.S. universities and careers. Once the admissions process is completed by an applicant and accepted to enroll at GCE, an I-20 will be issued to acquire the F-1 visa.

Email admissions@gcechicago.com with questions

Admissions Process & Requirements

Nonimmigrant students applying to GCE follow the same admissions process as U.S. resident applicants with a few accommodations for communications. International students are expected to have a minimum 3.0 GPA and a TOEFL score of at least 60.

Complete the
Online Application
This includes submitting all required forms, documents, recommendation letters (parent, educator, and student self-assessments), and paying all fees.

Complete the Prospective Student Orientation Course.
International students will complete and submit assignments and presentation online.

Schedule a
Family Interview
Part of GCE’s admissions process is a dialogue between the student, the family, and our team. Family interviews will be conducted online for international students via, Skype, WeChat, Hangouts, etc..

of Acceptance
Results of the admission team’s determination of acceptance will be delivered digitally to international students. Those who are accepted will also receive the I-20 form to complete the F-1 visa process.

ELL Support

GCE Lab School graduates enter their first-choice colleges and universities across the United States and internationally. GCE aims to provide international students access to these opportunities through focused support in the following areas:

  • ELL and Academic Courses: GCE provides a full time instructor who will provide both ELL and academic support. All international students will have access to two foundational language classes each week plus class-specific support two days per week.
  • Guidance Counseling: Each student will receive support in developing the tools to have a successful academic and cultural experience.
  • SAT & ACT Class: All GCE students are enrolled in this test preparation course to ensure that s/he is prepared to succeed on college entrance tests.
  • Peer Tutoring: International students will be paired with their peers locally to improve their communication skills and learn more about U.S. culture and customs.

Student Visas

The first step toward your U.S. student F-1 visa is completing the admissions process and being accepted to GCE Lab School. Once accepted and enrolled, GCE will issue an I-20 that confirms enrollment and enables the student to proceed with the F-1 visa application.

For more information on acquiring a U.S. student visa, visit:

Boarding & Guardianship

GCE Lab School is a day school and does not provide boarding accommodations to out-of-state students or international students nor do we facilitate placements with host families. Students must reside with a parent or arrange their stay with with a legal guardian appointed by either an Illinois court or a court in another jurisdiction whose guardianship orders are recognized by Illinois courts.

Tuition & Fees

In addition to full-time student tuition and the application fee, nonimigrant students are also subject to the International Student Fee and the ELL Support Fee

GCE Fees Other Costs to Consider
$150 Application Fee $9,000-$18,000 Host Family Stipend/Boarding (est)
$1,125 International Student Fee $3,000-4,000 Local Coordinator Fees (est)
$2,250 ELL Support $500 Intl. Student Travel Insurance (est)
$23,500 2017-18 Full-Time Student Tuition
All amounts in USD