Our Admissions Process

Our admissions process reflects the experiential learning model that drives staff and students to engage meaningfully with one another and with our curriculum. To own this experience, we ask that applicants consider the following questions:

  • Why do you select your school, your community, and your learning experience?
  • How can the admissions process energize the relationship between family & school and the community that develops?

What are your requirements?

Of our students, we require courage, creativity, practice, independent thought, resilience and patience. YOU are the learner; you are the agent of change. Here are three ways that we assess these attributes:

  • Completed application in a timely manner
  • Completion of our admissions project
  • Family Interview

GCE’s approach would suit me well/This sounds amazing.
How can I start my application?

Within a few weeks, you will be quite familiar with GCE Lab School; and more importantly, you will better understand your educational wants and needs. Please use the steps below as guidelines to pace yourself through our admissions process, which in some cases will not follow a linear trajectory.

Meet us!

  • Come to our Open House on March 19
  • Come to one of our school events (see website for details)
  • Follow us on twitter @gcelabschool

Get to know us!

  • Schedule a personal tour
  • Come in for a shadow day (optional)
  • Talk to us at a school fair


  • Fill out our online application
  • Complete our online project
  • Submit transcripts and teacher recommendations

Let’s talk!

  • Come in for a family interview


  • Within 7 days of acceptance, please notify us of the path your family chooses. Please also share your feedback with admissions@gcechicago.com; we value your suggestions and believe in constant learning and refinement.

Key Dates:

March 19 – Spring Open House (11:00 – 12:30)