Daily Schedule

GCE's schedule is designed to balance collaborative learning experiences with the development of personal accountability. Special consideration is given to students' on-screen time, in-person interactions, and independent working time.


Sample 2020-21 Freshman Schedule

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Core Classes

Core classes are the foundation of GCE curriculum. These courses integrate traditional academic subjects into a thematic or topical course of study. Learn more about our courses

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Core Flex

Core Flex time is designed to complement Core Class time in the schedule. It affords teachers time to respond to the interests and direction of the class by scheduling interactions or activities as opportunities arise.

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Seminars and Labs

Seminars and Labs support foundational concepts and skills for Core classes. For instance, Algebra Lab complements math concepts integrated in Water, a freshman-level STEAM course.

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Field Experiences

An instrumental component of GCE's curriculum, weekly Field Experiences both take students out into the city where they can experience what they're learning in the classroom as well as bringing experts into the classroom for workshops, demonstrations, and dialogue.

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Advisory is a space for students to meet with their faculty advisor to review progress toward learning goals, build executive functioning skills, and prioritize well-being.

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Soapbox invites thinkers, activists, orators, artists, poets, dreamers, and doers to step up and speak out about issues that matter in our neighborhoods and around the world.

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Foreign Language

GCE's foreign language classes integrate history and culture with language to create context when developing reading, writing, and speaking skills.

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Connections is a space exclusively for students and the school counselor to meet and discuss topics of importance to them—whether that be conflict resolution, socio-emotional support, or reacting to what's happening in the world at large.

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Assembly is an opportunity for the student body and faculty to convene, build community, and share experiences.