What do GCE learners look like?

As integrated thinkers, they are capable of understanding not only the standard academic subjects but also the context of these lessons. As pragmatic learners, they are able to build relationships, further their personal growth, and be the catalyst of their own dreams. As beneficiaries of a forward-thinking and values-based curriculum, they become self-aware, grateful, connected, and capable of achieving their goals.

They become global citizens.

Who attends GCE?

GCE’s curriculum and delivery model have been designed to support a wide range of students in their development of personal and academic excellence. The flexible format of our standards-aligned courses and 100% digital curriculum, holds special appeal for certain groups and individuals.

Inspired Individuals

Students looking for an alternative to a traditional high school education that encourages individuality and inspires unique approaches to learning.

Students with Demanding Schedules

Students with intensive time commitments such as entertainers or athletes that make it difficult to attend a brick-and-mortar high school every day.

International Students

International students who would like to experience progressive U.S.-style courses.

Short-term Immersion Students

Short-term immersion students who live abroad and would like to enroll in GCE courses while visiting Chicago.