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The traditional approach to education, with heavy emphasis on standardized tests and siloed subjects, does not prepare students for our changing world. At GCE, students experience their education.

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Investing in a sustainable, thriving blue planet billboard

Investing in a Sustainable, Thriving Blue Planet

Tuesday, June 20th! What does it look like to invest in the planet and our precious water resources? From ESG and corporate responsibility to local grassroots efforts, we’ll examine the…

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Who Am I? video thumbnail

How will I investigate my Self to know who I am? 

Who Am I? is a 9th-grade humanities class in GCE Lab School’s Global Context series.  This specific project was created for students to imagine what a better world might be…

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Exploring Independent Media as a Tool for Revolt at Public Media Institute

Students in Equality headed to the Co-Prosperity artist space and gallery in Bridgeport to continue their investigation of underground and independent media’s ability to educate and impact change. They met with Lumpen Media Director…

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Investigating the Cost of Choice at Weinberg/Newton Gallery

Students in Equality closely examine the theory of intersectionality, the complex, cumulative way in which the effects of multiple forms of discrimination (such as racism, sexism, and classism) combine, overlap,…

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Studying Light at the Truman College Dark Room

The Juniors in Light, Sound, and Time have been focusing on light and investigating the guiding question: What would life look like without light? Students examine how light could be…

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Exploring the Politics of Identity and Diaspora at DePaul Art Museum

Students in Poetic Justice explore poetry as a medium to address political issues. During our three-week Civic term, students examine one political issue each week. This week, they explore the…

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