Women & Work—with Suzanne Muchin

Suzanne brought with her a meaty list of accomplishments and experiences to the Soapbox. Speaking out on workplace equality, her pointy point of view posited that:

  • The Future of Work is Human
  • The only way out is through (must make the change from the inside out)
  • We must connect with conversations bigger than ourselves

Furthermore, to create equitable experiences and opportunities we will need to unsubscribe from conventions and deconstruct norms that create workplace culture — culture that extensive data shows favors men. But because culture doesn’t shape people, people shape culture, we can decide how, and more importantly, who will decide what the culture of work looks like.

“When you are your best self, it’s because you are a part of a conversation bigger than yourself. We have to shift from me to we.”

—Suzanne Muchin

About Suzanne

Suzanne Muchin is a Clinical Associate Professor at Kellogg School of Management where she teaches Selling Yourself and Your Ideas. She is a featured lecturer in new venture and entrepreneurship courses at Kellogg, and a lecturer and mentor for the Zell Fellows Program.

Outside of Kellogg, she is the Co-founder of Bonfire, a talent development accelerator for the rising generation of women in the workplace. With her long-time business partner (and Bonfire co-founder), Rachel Bellow, Suzanne is also the host of the popular podcast on work and your life: The Big Payoff, and the on-stage host of TEDX Chicago. She does all of this in very high heels, being 5’1″ on a good day.

Before launching Bonfire, Suzanne was a founding Partner and Lead Strategist of Mind + Matter Studio. With Rachel, Suzanne launched and developed ROI Ventures’ incubator (Return on Inspiration Labs, LLC) and its media arm (ROI Distributed, LLC). She was inducted into the Chicago Entrepreneur Hall of Fame in 2012 for these ventures.

A graduate of Tufts University, Suzanne began her career as a Charter Corps member of Teach For America, and taught eighth grade Spanish in the South Bronx. She then spent four years on the National Staff of TFA as the Vice President for Programs. After TFA she became CEO of Civitas, a non-profit communication agency for the early childhood field which was founded by the CEO of Harpo Entertainment.

Suzanne is an investor in impact companies, a mentor to entrepreneurs at 1871 and TechStars, and an LP and Advisory Board member for MATH Venture Partners. She is a Wexner Heritage Member, and on the Board of Directors of the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center (1871).

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