The Patriotism We Need—with Benjamin Railton

Just a day after the assault on our capitol, we welcomed to our first Soapbox of 2021 professor and author Benjamin Railton. Benjamin has written extensively about the identity of America, Americans, and the concept of patriotism. His Soapbox, titled “The Patriotism We Need,” helped us understand “critical patriotism,” which insists we challenge ideas, policy, and culture that compromise equality in our country so all of our country’s people may be included in its identity. This idea gave context and contrast to the “mythic patriotism” displayed on January 6th, which is rooted in an exclusionary view of America’s identity.

“Let’s resolve to remember all of American history, to be the best version of ourselves for the best version of our world”

—Benjamin Railton

Thank you Ben for challenging us to think critically, to be proud of who we are, and to advocate for the promise of our nation.

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