Social Impact Entertainment—with Michael Dolan

On Tuesday, January 16, we welcomed award-winning producer and creative development director Michael Dolan to the virtual Soapbox. Michael joined us to talk about “Social Impact Entertainment” and how young people can navigate the need to create commercial value for their ideas in order to endorse, celebrate, and perpetuate their values — especially within the context of social impact and social justice.

It starts with an ethical center. I built my network by focusing on the needs of my community and letting other people recognize the value of it.

—Michael Dolan

After watching Michael’s Soapbox, be sure to check out one of his latest projects, The Art of Protest — a never-before-seen tour of the creations by resistance artists around the world. From the streets of Moscow to the shores of Los Angeles and featuring interviews with Tom Morello, Dave Navarro, Moby, Shepard Fairey and more, this powerful film brings a message of hope and change through radical resistance and righteous social uprising.

Stream The Art of Protest on or Amazon Prime Video.

About Michael Dolan

Michael Dolan is an award-winning global media producer and creative development director. Over the last two decades of media experience in content, live broadcasts, marketing and communications, and much more, he has built a global media network of nearly 40 cities and brings trusted solutions to projects near and far. As former Director of Strategic Partnerships for The Onion, Michael developed a keen understanding for how brands and publishers interact best via creative content across diverse platforms.

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