Implicit Bias—with Tiffany Harper

A corporate lawyer by day and nonprofit founder by night, Tiffany brought great energy to the virtual Soapbox. As the granddaughter of a cotton picker who graduated from an Ivy League school, she shared personal stories about race, assumptions, and stereotypes in Chicago and around the world. Tiffany is committed to educating people about race and creating career opportunities for people of color and reminds us that you can combat implicit bias by breaking your mental routines when confronting it.

When you’re done watching Tiffany’s Soapbox, be sure to check out her nonprofit Diverse Attorney Pipeline Program and her blog,

Implicit bias doesn’t make sense when you can just open your mouth and ask. Acting on information is critical. Don’t act on what you think someone thinks.

—Tiffany Harper

About Tiffany

Tiffany Harper is a practicing attorney and diversity leader in Chicago, Illinois. She’s a change agent, advocate and avid supporter of women. She is best known for using her voice to challenge the status quo and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Tiffany began mentoring students interested in the law nearly a decade ago and is proud of the many women and men who have joined her as colleagues in the legal profession. She believes it is her duty to pave the way for the next generation of diverse attorneys and professionals, and often speaks, writes, and leads initiatives related to hiring, promotion, and retention of diverse associates in large law firms.

Tiffany is a Chicago native and returned to the city after receiving her undergraduate degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Sociology from Dartmouth College and her Juris Doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. She’s a Christian, a faithful member of #TeamNatural, and a lover of flip flops, sunny days, beaches, and infinity pools. Tiffany will admit that most days she wakes up and has absolutely no idea what she’s going to accomplish for the day, but helping and supporting other women is always on her heart.

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