GCE’s P.I.E. Program Connects Students to Professional Opportunities

GCE’s Professional Immersion Experience (PIE) program allows students to experience a work environment aligned with their interests over a three-week intensive placement period. The program gives students an opportunity for exposure to work environments, to learn business etiquette, to gain experience and skills in a professional working environment, and to make real connections with people in the industries they aspire to be a part of.

We’re incredibly grateful to be able to continue this program at a time of limited in-person engagement. Our PIE hosts have been attentive, flexible, and charitable with our students. We’re proud and thankful for the investment they have made with our school and our community.


Armani has taught me so many valuable lessons within the three weeks of the Professional Immersion Experience; life lessons, lessons of being an artist, and being a black artist.
—Nakiya’h, Class of 2021

PIE Host: Armani Howard, Professional Artist


I’m interested in biomedical engineering—I want to design artificial organs and limbs, so I can definitely apply aspects of the process I learned at Beyond Design in my future.
—Meleena, Class of 2021

PIE Host: Beyond Design is a product design and research firm.


Working as CBA’s communication manager allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and learn how quick I can adapt to change—from research to reaching out to new customers, I got the best entrepreneurial advice from Tom that I will take into account when working on my own brand.
—Nissrine, Class of 2021

PIE Host: Comprehensive Benefits of America offers financial management tools accessible to everyone.

gene siskel film center

Film is definitely what I want to study. This experience pushes me to do what I want in my career.
—Kate, Class of 2022

Kate was wonderful. She was an integral part of the film center for the weeks she was there. She really stepped in and stepped up and garnered tangible results for us. She already has a built-in contact in the film world!
—Lori Hile, Coordinator of Media & Community Engagement at the Gene Siskel Film Center

golden gate ventures

I’m really interested in biotechnology and popularizing it in the lives of consumers. I realized venture capital is a way to make that happen. I got first-hand understanding of the relationship between entrepreneurship and venture capital through my internship with Golden Gate Ventures. The most important thing I learned from Vinnie is the importance of bringing people together and creating communities—that’s the first step in creating a successful start-up.
—Brandon, Class of 2021

PIE Host: Golden Gate Ventures

menu design

In my Professional Immersion Experience, I really refined my research skills. Menu planning seems simple, but there’s so much more that goes into it. You have to dig deep, Learning how to research is essential. I can use everything I gained from this experience when I become a journalist.
—Jayden, Class of 2022

PIE Host: Menu Design with Karen Todd


My Professional Immersion Experience gave me perspective on how I want to continue forward in my pursuit of a career in architecture, and also that I have more options within the field.
—Corban, Class of 2022

I really enjoyed this experience a lot. I learned about how real estate isn’t just about financial transactions—it’s about interacting with other people and areas of work.
—Aura, Class of 2021

PIE Host: Storebuild

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