Sex and Gender — with Jackie Kaplan-Perkins

Jackie Kaplan-Perkins joined GCE student Mena and GCE alumnus Maeve on the virtual Soapbox to share their experiences, ambitions, and views on sex and gender across generations.

I keep thinking of the importance of having voices lifted and making sure the next generation not only votes … but you create those laws, you become the people who do the policy, and run for office — and be the change.

—Jackie Kaplan-Perkins

This video was originally published as a Facebook Live event, part of the GCE & Newberry Library Youth Soapbox series.

About Jackie

Jackie Kaplan-Perkins has been a leader in Chicago’s nonprofit, philanthropic and political communities. She launched LeaderShifting Consulting in 1999 to support and train nonprofit leaders. Kaplan-Perkins served on the finance committee for Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s campaign. Earlier, she was co-chair for Barack Obama’s LGBT outreach committee when he was in the Senate. Between 2015 and earlier this year, Kaplan-Perkins was director of Human Rights Watch for Chicago and the Midwest. She developed programs to engage key stakeholders, including policymakers, major donors, and a diverse range of community partners. In recent years, she received fellowships from the American Jewish World Service justice program and the Rockefeller Foundation’s Next Generations leadership program. Earlier, she held senior positions at the Shriver Center for Poverty Law and the Chicago Foundation for Women.

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