Field Experience

Art as a Weapon @ Gage Gallery

Students in the Poetic Justice course visited Gage Gallery to view the Nowhere People: The Children exhibit. The students drew inspiration from the photographs in the exhibit to write an ekphrastic poem and a persona poem. In this Humanities Elective course, students have been pursuing the guiding question, How may poetry be a tool for political reform?. In their pursuit of an answer, they have been studying, analyzing, and critiquing political poetry from a range of poets discussing local and global issues.  As a part of their investigation, they examined the photographs of Greg Constantine and investigated how photography as an art-form can tell the stories of those unspoken for.

Teaching to Our Passions

Welcome to Elective Term at GCE! Elective Term is a time for teachers to teach to their passions. Our teachers have been working hard to develop these courses all summer and they are so excited to share what they’ve created with the students. This term, the cartographers and historians in Thin Red Lines will learn how to use maps to save the world. The designers in Rapid Prototyping will examine the role of MakerLabs in solving real-world problems. The poets in Poetic Justice will discover their voice as political poets and unite people through their poems. And the engineers in Rocket Science will examine the history and the Math and Science of rocketry in order to build their own rockets.

Photo Gallery

Our First Visit to St. Vincent

We spent the first Wednesday of Elective Term volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul Center through the Blessings in a Backpack program. Blessings in a Backpack mobilizes communities, individuals, and resources to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry. We completed our first service project with St. Vincent earlier this school year when we created motivational cards that went into the bags of food that went home with the students.

It’s been a couple of months since then and we’ve been looking forward to our next opportunity to volunteer with St. Vincent. For this Community Day, we took a stroll up to St. Vincent to fill bags with food and to meet some of the students who would receive the bags. We got to work as soon as we got there. Some of us worked on an assembly line packing the bags and some of us went down to the classrooms to play with the students. We are so grateful for this partnership and we can’t wait until we visit again next term.

Photo Gallery

Experience Our Learning

For this Fall Term’s Final Presentations, our guests were challenged to investigate two guiding questions, How did we get here? and Where are we going?. With these two guiding questions in mind, the guests visited students presenting from their Fall term courses and experienced what it’s like to learn like a GCE student. Our presenters were also challenged this evening; they did not simply share their knowledge, but they were tasked with facilitating the guests’ learning and investigation.

At the end of the evening, there was a palpable sense of community and shared achievement. Thank you to all our guests who were open to learning with and from our students.