Congratulations to the Class of 2017

We hosted our 2017 graduation ceremony at the iO (Improv Olympics) Theater, the premier theater for long-form improvisational performances and classes. Skilled improv actors are team-players, they are good listeners, they are risk-takers, they are fearless, they are adaptable, and they are always learning and improving. At GCE, these skills are at the core of our curriculum and our day-to-day lessons in and out of the classrooms. So, it was appropriate that our graduates commemorated their accomplishments in an intimate space at the iO Theater.

This class of graduates was recognized as an eclectic group of young people, every one with their own unique passions and skills. While the group as a whole is often described as quiet; there is no doubt that their calculated calmness and thoughtful introspections will impact everyone that crosses their paths.

Congratulations to our class of 2017! Go forth and GCE the world.