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A Study in Form

Students in the Mixed Media art class are exploring 3-dimensional art forms. For this project, the students are working with clay and focusing on intuitive experimentation to bring their sculptures to life. As inspiration, students studied the works of sculptors, William J. O’Brien and Alwyn O’Brien. Throughout the process, our sculptors experimented with negative space, movement, and texture to add interest to their 3-dimensional forms. A block of self-hardening clay and a ton of imagination go a long way.

Photo Gallery

10 Minutes to Shine

We reimagined Final Presentations this past Winter Term. Traditionally, Final Presentations were developed around courses but this Winter, we decided to develop Final Presentations around students. Students were given full ownership of their presentations to reflect deeply and genuinely on their learning from the term. Each student was given 10 minutes with an audience to either run a workshop, play a game, analyze original pieces of artwork, or run through a slideshow presentation. In this format, students were given the opportunity to think holistically about their learning and guided an audience through their journey as a student.

Listen to the Poem!

Our poets left their hearts on the stage during this year’s Louder Than A Bomb Poetry Slam Festival. Louder Than A Bomb or better known as LTAB is an annual event organized by one of our City2Classroom partners, Young Chicago Authors, which invites thousands of young poets to speak their truths on stage. LTAB was started in Chicago as the first youth poetry slam festival and the model has been replicated across the country and across the globe. This is our 6th year competing and the community of poets across Chicago continues to grow. It is always such an incredible honor to be amongst such honest and brave voices.

Our team worked tirelessly for 7 months in preparation for the competition and the work definitely paid off. We were fortunate enough to advance to Quarter Finals as a team and shared the stage with amazingly talented poets. While our team’s season ended at Quarter Finals, one of our poets advanced as an individual poet to Semi-Finals. He took the stage at the Metro and blew the crowd away. It has been an amazing LTAB season. Congratulations to our 2017 GCE poets! See you next year, LTAB!