We Value Community

We asked our alums how GCE factors into their lives after graduation and unanimously, our graduates expressed gratitude for a community that they can always come back to. We take pride in the fact that developing meaningful relationships and building community are intrisically a part of our model and curriculum. 2015 graduate, Lily Fiske responded, “It still feels like my roots and I still love all the teachers and all of the students who still go here. They feel like family even though I don’t go here anymore.”

Congratulations Class of 2016

This year’s graduating class are recognized as a diverse, passionate, energetic, solution-seeking, and truly unique group of students. As individuals, they made us laugh, gave us headaches, and demonstrated their resilience and passion.  As a group, they respectfully challenged us, put into motion changes in school policies, and acted as role models to their younger peers.  The class of 2016 has truly impacted our community and we look forward to seeing how they impact the world in the future.