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Congratulations 2016 Graduates

Spring Term Final Presentations are always especially special as we spend the day celebrating the work our students have completed this term and the accomplishments of our graduating Seniors. Our morning at The Center on Halsted was buzzing with conversations as guests surveyed the room for student-led presentations and interactive activities. We made our way into the Hoover-Leppen Theatre where students and staff reflected on the impact that this year’s graduating class had on our community. It was a cathartic, personal, and joyful experience. Everyone walked out of the ceremony with a better sense of each of our graduating Seniors. Congratulations to our Class of 2016! We can’t wait to see how they impact the world!

The Dawn of a New Day

Dear GCE Students & Families,
I’m grateful and honored to write this letter to you. It is a testament to the evolution of GCE Lab School and our commitment toward each of you and the school’s future. I’ve been blessed with the chance to pursue my dream, to see a vision into reality. Every day for the past six years this has been made possible through the presence, purpose, and potential of our students, families, staff and board.

May 30, 2016, was officially my last day as Head of School. Today I report to duty in support of Kate Klein, our new Head of School. Oh fret not, I’ll remain engaged with GCE Lab School, and certainly, GCE will always be part of me. My new role with GCE is to provide strategic support, fidelity to the model and its purpose, to drive breakthroughs in learning & teaching, and to continue to aid our team in providing every possible opportunity for our students. Beyond GCE, I will use the lessons learned to help public and charter schools build the GCE model within their systems, to extend the reach of our model so that more students have experiences like ours.

If you’ve ever talked “leadership” with me, then you know what our soon-to-graduate seniors have learned in their Entrepreneurship class: first, I believe that leaders of organizations must change; second, I design organizations for others to run beyond me. We’ve been steadily working toward these two realities. We are ready for GCE Lab School v.2.0. The model exists; YOU are proof of concept. You, students and staff in particular, make GCE Lab School what it is, and more importantly, what it will become.

Over the past 6 years, your kids have become ours, each other’s, and mine. From the core of my being I thank you for believing in the Global Citizenship Experience, for giving me a chance to practice what I preach, and above all else, I thank you for trusting me.


Eric Davis

Eric Davis
GCE Lab School Founder
Global Learning Models Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer