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Breaking Bridges

During the first Unit of the Urban Planning course, Juniors investigated the elements necessary to build a strong bridge. After studying examples of bridges and understanding the importance of angles, the students applied their newfound knowledge by building their own bridges. Armed with glue and 50 popsicle sticks, they paired up to build the strongest bridge they could. The bridges were put to the test with a set of dumbbells. The process was suspenseful, to say the least.

Field Experience

The Life of Coffee @ Dark Matter

Freshmen in the Food For Thought class went to Dark Matter’s Mothership Coffeeshop to learn about the life of coffee. Students were greeted with cups of coffee upon entering the energetic coffee shop. With coffee in hand, our tour guide, Jake showed us the roastery and we were led into the cupping room where we learned about the journey of the Coffee plant.


The purpose of this Field Experience is to investigate the guiding question, what is the history of food, from its center of origin to your table? by visiting a local, socially conscious coffee shop and examining the journey of the Coffee plant.


You will visit a local coffee shop, get a tour of a roastery, speak to experts in the field, ask questions, and use the day’s knowledge to guide you through your own examination of a food’s journey.

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Lessons from the Garden

Freshmen in the Food class took their learning to the garden. In this course, students will explore the different parts of the food cycle and investigate the guiding question, how does the cycle of food feed us? Through an understanding of polyculture and an examination of the characteristics of different plants, students will plan a sustainable garden. There’s no better way to start the process than getting their hands dirty in a garden.

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Spring into Community Building

Keeping in the tradition of Community Day, we started off Spring Term with a series of community-building activities. We decided to forego the usual competitive edge associated with Community Day and really cherished spending time with each other. We started the festivities by recognizing students that have demonstrated punctuality and perfect attendance, then moved on to a delicious ice-cream sundae party, and proceeded with several friendly rounds of a childhood classic, Bingo!

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Wrapping Up Winter

We conquered a couple of firsts during our Winter Term Final Presentations. It was our first-ever evening final presentation and we were thrilled by all of the friends and families that showed up to support our students. It was also the first event held in our new space and we were pleased by our guests’ oohs and aahs. In preparation for the evening’s festivities, students and staff picked up dusters, brooms, and mops to ensure the best representation of the school. But truthfully, students and staff have been preparing for the event months in advance by working hard in their courses every day. It was the perfect way to end the term and to start Spring Break.