Field Experience

Seeing the World through a Pinhole @ Latin School

Juniors in the Light, Sound, and Time class made pinhole cameras to better understand how our eyes react to light. To test out their homemade cameras, students visited the darkroom at Latin School. Photography teacher, Betty Lark Ross has hosted us three years in a row and we are so fortunate to learn from her. Another successful year investigating light in the darkroom.


The purpose of this FE is to take what we learned about how cameras work, and to see it in action.


We will be talking to an expert about how cameras work, and seeing a darkroom in person.

Photo Gallery

Painting with Scissors

When French artist, Henri Matisse became too ill to paint, he fulfilled his need for artistic expression by collaging. During this phase of his life, he coined the phrase, painting with scissors. Students in this Health & Wellness course will examine the elements and principles of design by creating collages. Throughout this course, students will understand the limitless possibilities of a few simple tools: paper, scissors, and glue.

The Five Pillars

Students explored the 5 pillars of GCE; Accountability, Autonomy, Purpose, Gratitude, and Achievement through teamwork and play during the Winter Term Community Day. Students were challenged to lip sync battles, serious bouts of dodgeball, and riddle-solving. The most impactful challenge of the day had our teams competing to see who could pick up the most trash in our community. Thanks to our students, our community is 100-pounds-of-trash lighter. At the end of the day, students were laughing and celebrating; and hopefully created some lifelong memories.