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GCE’s Got Talent

We held our second annual Talent Show and once again it was a sight to behold. This year there were plenty of musical acts, each one giving its own unique spin on popular songs. The show started off with a boot-stomping rocker, followed by a smooth serenade, a soulful piano tune, a rocking behind-the-head guitar solo, and ended with a raucous performance from the members of the Music Makers club. It was a great event that brought the whole school together and displayed some of the students’ many talents. The crowd reaction was so great that there is talk of holding another talent show later on in the year!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Before students departed for a week-long break to spend time with their families, we celebrated Thanksgiving together with a delicious and abundant potluck lunch. This annual tradition has really taken on a life of its own. The food spanned across multiple tables and the dishes were as diverse as the members of our community. With plates piled high, students and staff gathered around tables to break bread and informally reflect on why we are grateful for each other and the community that we have. Thank you to all members of the GCE community that contributed to make this year’s celebration one filled with joy, gratitude, and such yummy, yummy food.

Field Experience

History through Murals in Pilsen


Students will investigate the dynamic relationships between murals and the spaces that they occupy.


Students will learn about the culture and history of Pilsen by observing the murals in the community. Furthermore, students will investigate not only how the history of the community and its citizens inspired the murals, but also how the presence of murals alter the spaces they occupy. The tour was led by Luis Tubens from the Pilsen Mural Tour Company.

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Collaborating on the Fly

The students in the Elective course, If These Walls Could Talk explored the art of collaboration on their first day of class. If These Walls Could Talk is an Art History Elective that investigates murals as a means of communication. In this opening exercise, students took turns adding a stroke of paint to the canvas. As the canvas filled up, students collaborated on how to best finish the mural. The resulting art piece reflects the beauty in simple collaboration.

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Falling into XFINITY

Studio XFINITY hosted our Fall term Final Presentations and helped us to wrap up the term with an epic boom! We hosted ninety plus guests, including parents, alums, prospective families, and middle-school students from The Academy for Global Citizenship. As usual, our students amazed our guests with their confidence and self-direction. And as always, our guests impressed us with their willingness to dive into our courses as master learners. Thank you to our generous neighbors at Studio XFINITY for making this term’s Final Presentation one for the books.