Featured Scholars: Genesis, Maddie, and Manny

A little over a year ago, nearly fifty friends and family came together to honor the life of a beloved mother, wife, philanthropist, and educator by donating to the Carolyn McLaughlin Memorial Fund (CMMF). This fund made it possible for three of our students to access GCE Lab School’s world-class education through scholarships for tuition, field experiences, and technology. Gratitude to all of our CMMF donors for making this possible!

The Carolyn McLaughlin Memorial Fund is part of UrbanX Learning’s (formerly GCE Foundation) initiative to support students with world-class, project-based education.

Your donations help continue support while providing opportunities to additional students.

Chicago Area Educators Reflect on GCE’s Model

Through a partnership with UrbanX Learning, GCE Lab School implemented our curriculum at five schools across Chicago as a part of our Summer Institute. In running this program, our professional development team hoped to provide educators with the tools to genuinely take on the task of implementing more inquiry- and project-based instruction in their classes and to create student-centered, dynamic, and purpose-driven courses. Across the board, we observed educators create a shared sense of ownership in their classrooms as students engaged in discussions and hands-on activities with each other. We look forward to future collaborations with many more schools, educators, and students.

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Project-based learning at City Farm in Chicago Field Experience

Sustainability @ City Farm


In unit 3 of the MDGs & You course, students are studying Millennium Development Goals 6, 7, and 8. On their trip to City Farm, students focused on MDG 7 which strives to ensure environmental sustainability.


Students learn about City Farm‘s efforts to use vacant lots for their farming, composting, and recycling programs. They also volunteered as farmers for the day to contribute towards City Farm’s environmental efforts.