An Equipped Learner

For our Summer Institute Program, Chicago high school and middle school teachers and students investigated the question:

How may we become master learners?

Teachers and students from schools across Chicago focused their attention on inquiry- and project-based learning this summer. They took advantage of the experimental and playful spirit of summer and brought it into their classrooms. Beyond the classroom, teachers and students embraced the city as a resource. In-class learning was enhanced by venturing out to investigate the stories and the lessons that our city has to offer. 

The curriculum from three of our courses provided teachers with a jumping off point from which they customized a course that met the needs and interests of their students.

Please click on the different tools in a master learner’s backpack to read and listen to the work from the students in the Summer Institute Program.

Who Am I?

Students from Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy in North Lawndale and Josephinum Academy in Wicker Park identified their Truths in the Who Am I? course. They investigated the guiding question, what is my truth by studying theories of truth from different philosophers. To present their discoveries, they were challenged to write and record a podcast declaring a belief that defines them.

Students from the Horizons for Youth Program at Francis Xavier Warde in the Gold Coast investigated the role of water in their lives in the Water course. They investigated the guiding questions, how can we raise awareness about global water usage and how would we cope in a water crisis. In pursuit of the answers, they were challenged to locate, collect, and carry water from a public water source. To culminate their research and experiences, the students created slideshow presentations.

Students from University of Chicago Charter School in Woodlawn assumed the roles of journalists in the Journalism course. They investigated the guiding question, how do you write on the spot, with 500-700 words. Their classroom was transformed into a newsroom and each journalist shared their perspective on the latest breaking news stories. To wrap up their discussions, students were challenged to not only write a spot story, but to culminate their stories into a publication.