With temperatures already dropping into the teens, let’s dream on warmer weather and summer plans.
Please consider GCE’s Summer Immersion courses for rising 7th-12th grade students. Specifically, we aim to enroll students who are creative and independent thinkers, who care about learning in and beyond school, and who want to experience a vibrant and experiential summer program.

See below for more information on Summer Immersion, and be sure to RSVP for Elective Term Final Presentations on January 22, 2015.

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Summer Immersion

Are you interested in learning about issues that are important to you? Would you like to work with passionate teachers and students from around Chicago? Pre-register for one of GCE’s Summer Immersion courses.

Participants sample our Model for Learning — purpose driven, integrated curriculum, differentiated instruction, field experience, digital portfolios, and a focus on global citizenship. For rising freshmen and transfer students, the Summer Immersion is a great way to infuse your learning experience with a jolt of purpose and inspiration and to determine if GCE Lab School is an appropriate high school choice.

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Elective Term Final Presentations:
January 22, 2015

Plan ahead and mark your calendar to attend Final Presentations on January 22nd, 2-3pm, at Thalia Hall in Pilsen. Experience our unique Elective Term courses through the lens of our students, who will guide us through the courses they study and the transformation their lives undergo in a matter of weeks.

At Elective Term Final Presentations, students will showcase their learnings from courses including Ollywood, FARE, Five Faces, and Stage Chemistry. Here are some brief descriptions of the courses:

Ollywood focuses on film critique through the study of pre-, post- and production.

FARE/Eatalian approaches Italian language and culture through the lens of what we eat.

Five Faces of Genius brings Firemark’s original content to GCE, calling on students to discover and reveal their creative genius.

Designed in partnership with the Goodman Theatre, Stage Chemistry features the STEAM magician’s tools that are used to create theater.

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Online Installations

GCE's Integrated Curriculum Digital Portfolios
Animal Exhibit:
A Population Online Installation
Check out GCE Voices

GCE Voices (our school blog) is a series of “Online Installations” which artistically reveals student work in interactive ways. We hope you dive into the installations and feel inspired by our motto: “Reinvent Possibility.”

Check Out GCE Voices


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