Welcome back to GCE and to Fall 2014

Students are flourishing in a supportive environment with teachers dedicated to their craft, and GCE continues to establish itself as the premier innovative school in Chicago.

Please engage in a few current GCE Lab School activities online before we see you in person at Final Presentations on October 30 at 10:30am.

Final Presentations

The best opportunity to learn with our students takes place on October 30, 2014. Final Presentations are both fun and inspiring. They are led by our students, who guide us through the courses they study and the transformation their lives undergo in a matter of weeks.
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GCE’s Facebook Page

Facebook is a great way to follow our students on Field Experience throughout the city. There are a slew of great photos and updates. Please LIKE us on Facebook as we try to double awareness from 500 to 1,000 likes by Dec. 31.
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Write a referral on Greatschools.com

Every good word has a big impact on GCE’s enrollment, so please write a short review and help make Chicago aware of the big opportunities available at this little school.

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Nominations for 2014–15 Enrollment

Enrollment is live and in action. We have more students in the admissions process already this year than we did through February of the previous school year. Please help us fill the pipeline with quality applicants so that our community continues to thrive for the next generation.

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