Spring Courses – An Online Installation

Spring… finally!

We can only express our post-winter feelings by quoting Pablo Neruda:

Nada puede contener todo el sol en las banderas de la primavera invencible” (“Nothing can contain the entire sun on the banners of the invincible spring”).

This is the time of year when we use any available excuse to get out of the small classroom… and into the bigger classroom of the city – and the Spring courses provide great excuses.

  • The Freshmen are studying Food (STEM) and Food for Thought (Humanities), interconnected courses that require students to work on the GCE garden and visit markets and farms.
  • The Sophomore students are studying the history of medicine in Cure, and how theater may stage and heal ourselves in Drama.
  • The Juniors are probably the ones using most of the city as classroom in their connected Policy & Urban Planning courses.
  • Lastly, the Seniors are enduring their last term, since they have no choice; their courses are called Endurance and Enterprise – designed to challenge students to work on personal vision & mission, before flying from the nest.

Check out our Spring courses, by interacting with the Online Installation below – and please leave us a comment.