Spring Term & Hybrid Pilot

Dear Families:

Welcome to 2014 Spring Term, the final phase of this school-year (holy cow!). Students, we’ll see you at 8:45 on Tuesday morning, April 8.

In this news-blast you’ll find information about a few things:

  1. Courses
  2. Key Dates
  3. Hybrid Model Pilot Program

    Global Health: CURE (home page)
    Spring Term Courses — STEM then Humanities:
    • Freshman: Food & Food for Thought
    • Sophomores: Cure & Drama
    • Juniors: Urban Planning & Policy
    • Seniors: Enterprise & Endurance

    • Graduation: June 4, 5:30-7pm. Location & agenda TBD and info shared in early April. Information about Final Presentations, also likely to be held on June 4th, will be sent in the coming weeks.
    • Parent Event: April 16, 6pm @ Amazing Edibles. More details coming soon. 
    • Enrollment Paperwork will be sent to families the week of 4/8. Please also check the 2014-15 school calendar so that you may begin scheduling your family activities. 

    Hybrid Model Pilot Program (seniors only)
    Courageous as always, our students beta test the cutting edge educational programming that we design! And thank you! This term, the seniors will be piloting our new Hybrid Model which is intended to serve both juniors and seniors beginning in the fall of 2014. What follows are a few essential pieces of information:
    • This is a tame pilot. For the most part, the schedule for seniors is business as usual: Monday-Friday, 8:50am-3:30pm. 
    • One significant change: classes meet 3 days/week instead of 5.
      • Monday & Thursday are regular classes (Tuesday 4/8 and 5/27 run Monday schedules)
      • Wednesday focuses on Field Experiences, although seniors have several inspiring exposures scheduled for other days.
      • Tuesday & Friday mornings are scheduled time for each student to meet individually with teachers (think college professor office hours!).
        • As seniors demonstrate autonomy & accountability they may earn their way into remote work during the Tuesday & Friday morning sessions.
    • Apprenticeship Classes take place on Tuesdays and Friday afternoons. We are piloting the first term of a 2-year apprenticeship program, so much of it focuses on preparation. Among other topics, specific Tuesday and Friday afternoon sessions will focus on:
      • Student interests & career research
      • Resume building
      • Cover Letter drafting
      • Interview prep & practice
      • Anticipating and dealing with challenges in the workplace
      • Job Shadowing/Apprenticeships (TBD for each student)
        • A FEW Tuesday & Friday afternoons (specific dates shared directly with students on 4/11) will be open for students who already have apprenticeships to pursue these positions in place of the Apprenticeship Course, and students will complete their course-work remotely and asynchronously. 
    As always, these news-blasts are just the tip of the iceberg and there’s much more happening below the surface at GCE. We invite you to visit and to inquire for details specific to your family.

    Many thanks. Best wishes. And Happy Spring!

    GCE Lab School

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