ASL & DHH Immersion- An Experiential Term Online Installation

For the Experiential Term, GCE Students investigated the following guiding question:

How may we live “another person’s” life and “step into their shoes”? 

Students were asked this guiding question and spent 4 weeks living into the answer by immersing themselves in American Sign Language (ASL) and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Community. Teachers from the Mobile Language School through the Lexicon Handmade Program, guided our students through the basics of ASL and gave us insight into what it means to be Deaf.  The students met many members of the DHH community, researched and read many articles, and watched many videos and movies, including Sound and Fury and Deaf Poetry Jam that allowed them to live another person’s life.

Through excursions to La Rabida Children’s Hospital, The Children of Peace School, The Anixter Center, and Equipped for Equality, students learned about the types of resources that are available to members of the DHH community.   And through conversations and interactions with Deaf poet, Peter Cook at Columbia College, Deaf therapists at Sinai Hospital, and researchers on cochlear implants, students gained a new perspective on what it means to be Deaf and had the opportunity to step into another person’s shoes.

Please click on the squares below to read and watch the students’ reflection on their immersion into a new language and culture.

Student Projects