Dear GCE Students:

Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication during Experiential Term. Please complete each of the following surveys so that we may improve services for all student programs moving forward.

Your feedback is appreciated.
Warm regards,
Team GCE

1. Health & Wellness Options Spring Term:

  • Please read below the information about the Health and Wellness options for Spring Term. Please select your first and second choice.  Thank you!

2. Experiential Term Survey:

  • Please take the time to fill in the Experiential Term survey, because your voice matters.  We take feedback seriously, since our courses keep improving because of feedback from students & teachers.  

As you complete your survey, don’t forget to click on the SUBMIT button at the end (and to click on the option “Send me a copy of my responses“, for backup). 

NOTE: If you can’t see the surveys, please log into your email.

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