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1. Health & Wellness Options Spring Term:

  • Please read below the information about the Health and Wellness options for Spring Term. Please select your first and second choice.  Thank you!

2. Experiential Term Survey:

  • Please take the time to fill in the Experiential Term survey, because your voice matters.  We take feedback seriously, since our courses keep improving because of feedback from students & teachers.  

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Graduation, 2014-15 Enrollment, & Civic Immersion

Dear GCE Friends & Families:

Lots of information in this news blast.  Featured stories include:

  1. Save the Dates!!!
  2. 2014-15 Enrollment. Paperwork & Tuition Schedule.
  3. Civic Immersion — ASL, DHH, & GCE!!! — check out the latest staff video!
  4. Hybrid Pilot for Seniors! 

Mark your calendars!

  • Graduation: Move over 2013 Graduates! It’s YOUR turn, GCE seniors! 
    • June 4, 5:30-7pm. Location & agenda TBD and info shared in early April.
  • Spring Break: Friday March 28th – Monday April 7th. 
    • Spring Term begins Tuesday April 8 at 8:50am.
  • Students only Experiential Term Final Presentations — sorry. 
    • However, the micromentaries will be shared publicly as Online Installations.
    • Select students will represent at Spring Term Final Presentations (likely June 4th — TBD).
  • Parent Event: April 16, 6pm @ Amazing Edibles. More details coming soon. 

2014-15 Enrollment, Tuition & Financial Aid.

  • Please see the Admissions website for greater detail. However, key information is noted below and re-enrollment paperwork will be sent by mail in early April:
    • Tuition for the 2014-15 school year is $18,000. 
    • Deposit of $1,500 is due April 15, 2014.
    • Installments may be paid in 1, 2, or 4 payments. 
      • 1 payment of $18,000 by July 1, 2014
      • 2 payments of $9,000 by July 1 and September 1, 2014 
      • 4 payments of $4,515 ($60 fee) by the first of July, August, September, & October
    • Financial Assistance awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis. Click HERE for more info.
Why ASL @ GCE?

Experiential Term 2014 featuring GCE students.
Look out for STUDENT micromentaries coming soon!!!
GCE’s Hybrid Model Being Piloted by Seniors April & May!
  • As we more deliberately prepare students for college and post-graduate life, we frame learning as an experience owned and created by each student. This means that we scaffold student learning — both in school and in the world. Seniors will pilot a program in which they begin the term business as usual (on site with their junior peers), but quickly demonstrate their ability to work remotely 2 days per week and participate in professional apprenticeships.  
  • We’ll keep you in the loop as the program unfolds. Their successes and challenges will courageously pave the way for all future juniors & seniors. Please wish them luck, and ask how it’s going!
Thank you and best wishes — GCE staff!

Immerse Yourself

Dear Families,
Please review this post to learn about Experiential Term and the latest student Online Installations.
Thank you.
Dear Students:

You are about to immerse yourselves in a month-long Civic Engagement unit. The focus of the 2014 Experiential Term is to set the stage for meaningful, long-term engagement with the DHH (Deaf & Hard of Hearing) community.

When we originally conceived the program, we envisioned students spending the at least 40% of the month doing direct service volunteering. However, during our planning process, we discovered that we are not yet capable of doing so. Why not? Because we don’t speak the language, we don’t understand the DHH context, and we haven’t been trained the way each organization requires.

Hence the new goal: prepare you to engage with the DHH community for the rest of your life.

Program Structure & Deliverables

  • Typical school day, 9-3:30.
  • Four days per week students participate in a 2-hour ASL class. Language acquisition tested on 3/10, 3/17, & 3/24.
  • Two days per week, students meet with partners representing a range of experiences and disciplines. External Investigations to be referenced in individual reflection and group micromentary.
  • In collaborative groups, students create micro-mentaries respectively focusing on the issues of Education & Health (FR & SO), Politics & Economics (JR & SR) to communicate the context of the DHH community.
  • Individually, students produce a reflective blog post featuring a video and their key interviews.

Weekly Focus
  • March 3: Frame Experiential Term: Why DHH? Who DHH? How will we overcome the limitations for our current involvement? Which requisite preparations must we undergo in order to be of value as volunteers? What are fundraising campaigns and why are they critical to the success of civic ventures?
  • March 10 & 17: Immerse yourself in DHH language (ASL) and culture. Explore your theme.
  • March 24: Closure, reflection, and Final Presentations


In case you missed Final Presentations last Thursday — they were excellent by the way — please review the latest OnIns (Online Installations). We will share more of these and photos from presentations in the next post.  Many thanks to the students for stepping up, and to our guests for braving the miserable weather to come out and support the crew!

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