Happy Thanksgiving & Other News

Dear Families & Friends:

We hope that you enjoy a wonderful holiday; our students prepared a fantastic pot-luck celebration last week (see image).  In case you’re thinking about GCE this week, below are a few key follow-ups. More information will certainly be coming in December.

  1. NO Public Final Presentations in December
  2. College Counseling
  3. Winter Courses
  4. Experiential Term

1. NO Public Final Presentations in December:

Please note & plan accordingly; we will close the Elective Term with a private event for students and staff. Unfortunately this means no in-person presentations for family & friends, but we will post online installations on the beta blog. Students will NOT have school on Thursday or Friday, Dec 19 or 20th, as those days are now reserved for faculty in-service.

2. College Counseling:  Please click to review this ARE YOU READY FOR COLLEGE? slideshow presentation to learn key information/updates.

3. Winter Courses:

  • Freshman: FUEL & WHO AM I? 
  • Health/Wellness: Martial Arts, Hip-Hop Dance, Health Ed
  • Schedule will be similar to Fall Term (same schedule Monday & Thursday alternate with Tuesday & Friday; Wednesdays will continue to be primarily field experience)

4. Experiential Term: Please click to review this TO STAY OR GO? THAT IS THE QUESTION slideshow which serves as an FAQ for your excellent questions.

Much love and best wishes to all. Thank you.

Student Proposals & Elective Term Survey

Dear GCE Students:

We are into our third week of Elective term, which means that it is time for us to conduct a survey. Please let us know how things are going and what needs to improve. As always, your feedback is desperately wanted.

Please complete this ELECTIVE TERM SURVEY no later than Tuesday 11/12, at 5pm.

You also submitted a number of proposals as a result of 20% time. Please see this PDF of your RESPONSES & my (Eric) feedback. Then, please MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

[survey powered by Google Forms]

November News:

Dear GCE Students, Families, & Friends:

Thank you for your wonderful support and positive feedback through the fall term. I’d like to share a few exciting pieces of information and resources. Please enjoy these resources and consider what we are building togther:

  1. Google Case Study on GCE
  2. GCE Facebook page & Final Presentation images (FB)
  3. Elective Courses (beta blog)
  4. Gravity Tank — a City2Classroom partner extraordinaire

1. Google Case Study
On GCE’s Press & Praise web page, you may find a link to this revealing Google Case Study: Global Citizenship Experience Uses Google Apps to Build Education for the Future.

2. GCE Facebook & Final Presentation images
Fortunately, Eric is NOT managing GCE’s Facebook page, but rather it is being developed by Hiu To, our Multi-Media Manager & Arts Instructor. Please view images from Fall Final Presentations and the many additional albums (field experiences, classes, etc.). Please make sure to “like” our page as well.

3. Elective Courses
We hope that you’ll view this link on our beta blog to learn about the current Elective Courses. Please use the menu bar on the left side to navigate through a series of Online Installations of student work from the fall term.

4. Gravity Tank — a City2Classroom partner extraordinaire
As you know, we believe that learning happens everywhere, and the city is truly our classroom. Gravity Tank is a fundamental C2C partner and they posted on their Gravity Tank blog about their experience with GCE.

In closing, we hope that you are enjoying the changing seasons and wish you a wonderful week. Thank you.